Management system policy on safety and health at work

TRAFALGAR TOURS formalizes its commitment, through the present policy reflecting its obligations toward the safety and health at work and is responsible to direct its efforts to provide workers with a safe working environment in line with the legislation in force which apply, taking as a basis the provisions below:

  • ambiente-de-trabajo-engOffer a service of quality that meets the expectations, needs and requirements of our customers in the provision of the service.
  • Plan and execute projects guaranteeing the protection of the health, safety and welfare of our employees, and all interest groups involved in the execution of the service.
  • Minimize the impact of activities on the environment and ensure the integrity of the equipment and installations in where they develop such activities.
  • Prevent and control the factors of external order and environments originated in the workplace that can cause diseases, accidents and dis comfort to the workers.
  • Protection and maintenance of the level of well-being, both physical and mental, of all workers, decreasing the maximum generation of accidents at work and the risks at source.
  • The responsibility of all levels of management to provide a safe and healthy environment of work, by means of computers, procedures and adequate programs.


Policy for the prevention of tobacco consumption and drugs

The company Trafalgar Tours has defined and established a policy of no alcohol, drugs and smoking, to prevent, improve, conserve and preserve the welfare of workers, contractors and temporary, improving the quality of life that enables an adequate performance and competitiveness of the staff and of the company, as well as the promotion of healthy life styles, taking into account what is established in the Resolution 1075 of 24 March 1992 and the resolution 4225 May 29 1992.

prevencion consumo de tabaco, alcohol y drogasIt is the policy of the company TRAFALGAR TOURS., maintain places and healthy environments and optimum work to achieve the highest standards in safety, health productivity. The company is aware that the alcohol and drug abuse, the abuse of hallucinogens, tranquilizers and smoking by workers, contractors and temporary, have adverse effects on the ability of performance and seriously affect the health, safety, efficiency and productivity of the workers and the company in general.

The improper use of prescribed medicines, possession, distribution and sale of non-prescription drugs or hallucinogenic substances and tranquilizers, in the development of work, within the facilities, or operation of motorcycles and vehicles, is strictly prohibited. It prohibits the possession, use, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages in the facilities of the facilities of Trafalgar Tours.  Each of its work centers, during the provision of services is not permitted.

To fulfill this purpose the company TRAFALGAR TOURS, has established the following items:

  • Report to work under the effect of alcohol, drugs and/or hallucinogenic substances and tranquilizers or that create dependency, is strictly prohibited.
  • Prohibits smoking in the development of the work, within the facilities, work centers or in the operation of vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Promotes awareness-raising activities and training for workers, contractors and temporary looking for the creation of healthy habits in relation to the damage that causes the cigarette to the health of the individual and his environment.

The company TRAFALGAR TOURS, has designated the human and financial resource necessary to comply with this policy and waits for his part, the collaboration of workers, contractors and temporary to participate actively in the programs of sensitization and training.

Sustainability Policy

TRAFALGAR TOURS assumes the commitment to develop its activities by considering as essential values safety, people’s health, care of the environment and social responsibility with its interest groups.

To achieve this the organization will be guided by the following principles, set out in the Sustainability Policy.

The organization is committed to providing a service with the best quality standards in the tourism sector, looking for the economic growth of the Agency, vocational training for their employees and promoting activities that link to the social environment.

paisajeIs an entrepreneurial principle make use of natural resources in a sustainable manner and aware, carrying out the integration of environmental concerns within commitments raised and developed in the Corporate Social Responsibility program and in the other areas of management referred to in the interior of the organizational structure.

TRAFALGAR TOURS believes that the implementation of activities and responsibilities of an economic, social, cultural and environmental, for the identification of the needs of the groups of interest related to the Agency, are a priority for achieving excellence in the levels of quality of the service that is offered to customers, for that reason they performs a internal management of the processes and the impact that these generate on the environment, developing actions of prevention, participation plans and programs of sustainability.

The implementation of this policy is ensured through the support of senior management, at the head of his or her legal representative, the commitment of the employees and the active participation of contractors and suppliers.

On 15 February 2015, in the adoption of this signature of the director general of Trafalgar Tours:

Objectives of Sustainability

  • Advance campaigns that promote the conservation and care of cultural heritage, natural and sociocultural in the destinations where it operates
  • Deploy programs toward saving and efficient use of energy and water
  • Advance to ensure the prevention campaigns of the sexual exploitation and child labor, racism or any type of cultural segregation
  • Contract with suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability
  • Receive 0 complaints in respect of non-compliance with legal, the impairment of the heritage or the child labor and sexual exploitation
  • Advance the improvement activities to which ensure the proper functioning and due implementation of the system of management for sustainability



TRAFALGAR TOURS sets its commitment not to support, cause or commercialize tourist products that in its role include some type of service that would impair the following aspects:

  • etica-compromiso-engProducts which in their promotion and implementation offer services of sex tourism, or exploitation of child labor.
  • Services that damage directly or indirectly the natural heritage, cultural or environmental of the areas where it is operating.
  • The does not guarantee the safety of the clients during the provision of the service, the provider shall have procedures and trained personnel to meet any eventuality.
  • The social inequity, through the manifestation of racism or exclusion of specific social groups.
  • Suppliers of Trafalgar Tours, must show its commitment to the environment by promoting campaigns to the appropriate disposal and treatment of waste, derived from its economic activity.


It is also necessary that our suppliers and collaborators, to support and promote the sale of the products offered by the community where they are operating always and when not to violate any of the aspects referred to above.

In the event of being a case in our group of suppliers who violates any of the legal requirements with regard to the above shall be communicated to the competent authorities.


Recommendations for the care of the flora and fauna

TIPS FOR A VISIT environmentally sustainable

Always keep in mind the following recommendations to achieve a visit environmentally sustainable, the care of our natural heritage is a commitment of all:cristales

  • Perform their activities in the places that are authorized and marked by the natural reserves.
  • Comply with the closing times of trails. Register at all of the stations, so that it can be located in case of an eventuality.
  • Always observe the safety instructions are given.
  • Alert or denounce any conduct or condition of risk for the flora or fauna.
  • Avoid entering pets to protected areas, as heavy and are not compatible with the attributes of protection and conservation of these areas. Equally, interfere in its tracks of movement, and can be a source of infectious diseases, affecting the health of populations of native fauna. In some cases can become invasive species, altering the natural balance of protected fauna.
  • Drive with care when transporting within the protected area at moderate speed and extreme attention to avoid abuses or disturbance to flora and fauna.
  • Avoid the use of devices that generate noise at high volume, as they may disturb the fauna present.
  • Do not feed to the native fauna, since they have their specific diets and the consumption of foods such as sweets or junk food can enfermarlos or kill them.
  • Support and follow the recycling and treatment of waste by making a proper disposal of waste.
  • Do not remove or damage the archaeological, palaeontological or historical.
  • You cannot use fire except in sites and conditions well-signposted to this request support personnel to locate these areas and use the proper equipment.
  • Those who cause risk of fire due to that they did not heed the recommendations shall be punished (ACE) with fines, imprisonment, or even expulsion from the country in the case of foreigners.
  • When you are finished using the fire, check carefully that effectively this off.
  • For any reason i rustic hobs in unauthorized places.
  • Protected Wild Areas are spaces free of tobacco.
  • If a fire occurs, follow the instructions of rangers.
  • If you are near a forest fire, never acting on its own initiative. Please move away from the fire and warn the Rangers.
  • Do not burn the waste or scraps of food.
  • If during your visit notes a focus of forest fire, report it immediately.


Take care of the water

In all the National Parks the bodies of water are protected. It is of vital importance each time you visit a Protected Wildlife Area informed of the eligible sectors and therefore enabled for recreational fishing, in addition to respect and comply with the rules in force for each one of the bodies of water where you want to perform any activity related to the Recreational Fishing.

caminataWhen do hiking

When do hiking, it is recommended that you follow the following recommendations and bring the materials necessary for your trip is as  safe and pleasurable as possible:

  • Map of the route (route brochures or authorized paths) These elements are available in the entrances of the park or they can be ordered with the staff that is in charge of its administration
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) or similar compass, remember that in certain areas some technological equipment does not operate correctly, so that it is necessary to take a backup plan in case any problem.
  • Porte a small backpack with equipment to support its promenade and a first aid kit appropriate.
  • Shoes suitable for walking, i.e. that hold the ankle and have a good drawing of sole. Avoid sandals, lightweight shoe or shoes with a flat sole, this with the objective that the insects will not be able to access these areas of the body.
  • Clothing according to the place and climatic conditions, remember that by alerts of zika in some countries it is recommended clothing that covers the entire body and light colors.
  • Protect Yourself from the sun rays with glasses with UV protection, a suitable hat and protective creams. In addition to a sufficient quantity of water.
  • To greater difficulty of major activity is the associated risk. However, you should know that most of the serious accidents occur in places very busy and apparently easy in which a slip could cause an accident not desired.


For your security, please keep in mind the following:

  • Carefully read the information signs that it finds during their tours and visits.
  • Do not leave the roads or take shortcuts. Avoid creating alternative ways, which also cause erosion problems, can disorient to other people.
  • If your interest is photography or filming, pay attention to the field when you search for the perfect picture and avoid a possible accident.
  • Consider the journey times and perform them always with natural light. Before doubts, consult with the Rangers or guides accredited.
  • Pausing to rest.
  • Do not eat any type of fruit or wild plant if there is no knowledge of its non-toxicity.
  • Take into account the height if the path is in areas of high altitude.
  • In Protected Wildlife Areas in condition of height, where it is more difficult to grasp the oxygen, is common discomforts and symptoms of puna, to prevent these symptoms it is recommended that a good rest prior to the park view, hydration and nutrition not heavy during the stay in the unit, make a visit with time where it favors the stops and rest that allow the acclimation to a means of height.
  • It is recommended not to run or make sudden movements or physical effort, not to require the Agency in conditions of low oxygenation.

Recommendations for the security in your trip

When you prepare your trip recalls:

  1. As much as you know the destination of your holiday, do not forget to check on your smartphone or on the various channels meteorological what will be the state of the time. This will become a great help when making your suitcase, you can request information to your advisor on the destination in case you have doubts.
  1. equipajeYour suitcase should include deodorant mosquito repellent, sandals, at least a jacket and a formal outfit, you never know where you will end up on your holidays, recalls review recommendations for endemic diseases in those countries with a high risk of contagion.
  1. When baling, seeks to make your objects of a bath in a sealed bag or in any part of the suitcase in where your clothes are not at risk of stain.
  1. Do not forget camera chargers, cellular, computer and even razor, in addition to all of the devices necessary for its proper functioning.
  1. If your destination is the beach, keep in mind lead blocker, cream for burns, a hat, a good book and portable speakers, recalls check if in the area there is presence of zika or other insects that transmit contagious diseases.
  1. If you are traveling by road recalls check levels of your car and make sure to bring cables current passes, signs, tools.
  1. When traveling by airplane, don’t forget to save a copy of your documents (passport, visas, driving license, and plane tickets) in your suitcase if you steal the hand luggage or lost.
  1. Leave a copy of your passport and itinerary with your family or friends so they can mandártelo by mail in case of emergency.
  1. Brings the number of contact in your medical service and make sure you have coverage abroad, verifies if the attendance card correspond to the place you visit.
  1. In the event that travel abroad, do not forget to ask your bank how much money you have enabled to take at atms belonging to another country, for scheduled your retreats.
  1. A good option is to carry a mini kit, where include pill for a headache, stomach and diarrhea. Also carries prescriptions.
  1. We recommend you bring a change of clothes in your hand luggage, in case your luggage is lost.
  1. It is a good idea to spite your suitcase at home, to avoid extra charges at the airport. If the suitcase is new, do not forget to put your name, this information you can check with your travel agency TRAFALGAR TOURS.
  1. Remember to leave your house charged with the neighbors, it is good that someone between to open the windows and pledge some lights for security. Do the same with your pets.


When enjoying your trip offered by Trafalgar

  1. Never put all your money in cash in a same place.
  1. If your hotel has safe, do not hesitate to use it, always remember the numbers to open, prevents copying them to a role.
  1. Read the brochures and directory of your room to know what hospitals, restaurants or attractions are located near the hotel, if necessary.
  1. guia-gpsUse your GPS or Smartphone to situate yourself in the city, you can also download applications to locate sites of interest around you, some hotels have printed maps of the city do not hesitate to ask and request one.
  1. Make sure you take multiple memories for your camera, so you will not lose all your photos in case of theft or loss.
  1. Always ask and check the permissions of the places which visit to perform extreme activities, in order to grant a guarantee with regard to its security and management.
  1. It is forbidden to search, use and promotion of sexual tourism, if in any case he is offered a service of this type or evidence of the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, denúncielo before the competent authorities.
  1. Purchase items manufactured by the natives of the destination to which is visiting, entering at fairs or local establishments authorised.


Recommendations for the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage

  1. When planning your trip, choose those providers that have clear policies with regard to the sustainability of its operation.
  1. Use natural resources such as water and energy, with moderation. Remember that are scarce commodities, its poor utilization can lead to receive sanctions.
  1. Try to minimize the generation of waste. Are a source of contamination, avoid the use of plastic bags being, bags or suitcases.
  1. When you have to get rid of a waste, do the cleanest way you to provide your place of destination.
  1. In a natural space to ensure that the only mark that will leave behind is the of your footwear.
  1. guatapeIf you visit sensitive ecosystems such as coral reefs or jungles, learn how to do this to cause the least possible impact and not downgrading, this information the find with the responsible of the park.
  1. To buy gifts and souvenirs find products that are an expression of local culture. Promote the economy of the peoples that welcome you and cultural diversity.
  1. Does not acquire flora and fauna protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), or products derived from these species. It is a crime and contributes to their extinction.
  1. At its destination enjoy knowing the culture, customs, gastronomy and traditions of the local populations. Obey them and move closer to them, have much to tell you.
  1. Try to contribute with their presence to the development of a responsible and sustainable tourism, building with your trip a healthier planet and solidarity.


Following these ten recommendations the tourist will help to preserve the heritage of the land and to improve the development opportunities of many people.